sabato 25 aprile 2015

Why another Ham Radio Contest ?

The answer is simple: a On Air Meeting dedicated only to Home Bulit & Kit doesn't exist in Ham Radio panorama yet. Many people use this kind of radio and even you can discover the original Ham Radio spirit, today like in the wonderful past.

We make different RF experiments as beginner or advanced technicians, and we would test our jobs not in rare occasions but with a special International Award to broadcast our passion, because the radio engineering would be a fundamental part of a normal QSO and not a exception in the middle of an empty surprising talk-show.

We are not fishes out of water, we are genuine Radio Operators and we want to share with you our love for homebrew radio. We can reclaim our frequencies at least 1 day to test home built & radio Kit all togheter.

Reserved only at Home Built & Kit Radio to promote a new Gold era in Ham Radio

A Special On Air meeting to discover the Original Slow Contest Spirit

by a Creative idea of Arnaldo Bollani


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